Client Testimonials

The words of my clients are perhaps the most accurate description of my massage work.
You can find the official entries (from which I have copied and pasted, on my Yelp page).

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“...when Katrina works on me, she fixes stuff.”

I’m not a massage kinda guy. A lot of what I’ve seen out there feels like too much woo-woo. But here’s the thing when Katrina works on me, she fixes stuff. Real stuff. Practical stuff. I write, sometimes as much as ten hours a day. Keyboard, on paper, whatever. And it KILLS my upper back and shoulders and neck after a while.
I like to talk with all my practitioners for health and find out what they’re doing. Shady ones hide their methods and hide their techniques and they talk in that evasive way. Katrina is straight-up business and backed by WAY more medical knowledge than I ever expected.
She explained exactly what I was doing to my muscles, exactly what was happening physiologically, and exactly how her treatment worked. She made sure I understood it. Interacting with her is about as close as I can get to working on my own back. in fact, I’ve used the techniques she describes on my girlfriend’s knots, and they work alllllmost as well as when Katrina does them. (I now arrange for girlfriend to get regular work from Katrina, too!)
Definitely ace-and-a-half. I’ve been to both her home office and her Beaverton office and they are both perfectly great! - E. M.

“I am not about to lose her magic touch.”

I am a long time massage user. For 15 years I have had difficulties post cancer treatments. I have been to a number of therapist over the years and the last 6 years of them have been with Katrina. She is paticulary good at lympatic drainage which keeps my mobility level and pain level to an exceptable tollerance. If I had something negative to say, I would not hesitiate. But she is true professional and knows how to make me feel like getting up and moving every day. I have told her many times. I will follow you any where you go. I have found something that works for me and I am not about to lose her magic touch. I would recomend her to any one. - B. P.

“Katrina is Magic.”

Katrina is Magic. I woke up one morning to find that I couldn’t move my neck without moving my entire body and the pain was terrible. I came to Katrina and she found the nerve cluster that was causing the problem and made it so I could move again. She’s very polite and professional and I would recommend her to anyone. - E. W.

“Headache gone!”

My neck is essentially well -- headache gone! - J.W. (retired doctor of osteopathy)

“I certainly felt relaxed.”

I’m not one to get massages very often, but a yelp deal was offered through this place. I definitely needed the treat. I found the massage to be very professional, helpful, and I certainly felt relaxed. It was a job well done. The only qualms I had was that the business is in the back of a house, which was kind of hard to find. She’s a one-woman gig, and great at her job, but it’s a hard sell when it’s not conveniently located. - L. H.

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